I mean, I loved the environments, hell yeah, it’s so rare and wonderful to see an After-the-End setting that isn’t various shades of concrete dogshit, and seeing cities going back to nature served as a nice optimistic counterpoint to the roving squads of murderbots roaming the place.

But everything else was just kinda meh. The whitewashing was the biggest problem, but mostly it was the fact that it felt like they were playing it a bit too safe.

I figured that’s about where it’d fall on the Adaptations of Journey to the West scale. I’ve never read the source material myself (I’ve had the Yu translation wishlisted for ages, but gosh it doesn’t come cheap when each volume’s added up), but it seemed to take an epic and make it…epic, but westernized epic. Big gorgeous world, big loud conflicts, not much underlying it. 

Like, in the book, the Single-Horned Rhinoceros King has a jade hoop that magically vacuums up his enemies’ weapons, so you could have like a robot that broadcasts a signal that disrupts Monkey’s energy staff. Or you could have a robot based on Princess Iron Fan, who instead of a magic hurricane-summoning fan would have like a teleportation beam that you’d have to avoid or else it’d send you back to the start of the level or something.

Oooooh, see, now that sounds excellent. I wondered about that, ‘cause I figured there had to be more than Big Fella What Smashes Things and Quadrupedal Big Fella What Smashes Things in the original story. Too bad that they missed opportunities that awesome.

If I’m honest, I think my hypothetical ideal version of this game is a weird mixture of Ico and Mega Man.

Once I make my millions off the back of my N64 throwback platformer, I will be flying you directly into my offices to get to work on this.

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leans in close

looks intently at you

holds your face

couple cosplay with me

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Pokemon GSC - Mt. Silver (Summit)

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a recent commission!

A teen heartthrob Link for



a recent commission!

A teen heartthrob Link for

sonnetscrewdriver said:


Yes sir! I wondered if you knew about it/had played it. Actually, I thought “What would Matty think of this?” more than a few times throughout.

You know when you’re playing a game, and you think “Gosh, this is a good story, but if there was one thing that’d make it better, it’s a less nebulous villainous presence,” and then the game realizes this but forgets to do anything ‘til the last twenty minutes, where then it’s all suddenly Literally Andy Serkis’ Giant Floating Head has been the Big Bad All Along?

No? Just me? ‘Cause it’s kind of amazing.


steve austin tells his dog he’s trying 2 record a podcast

I’ve never wondered what it’d be like if my dad did a podcast, but now I know EXACTLY what it would be.

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Final Fantasy XV: OVERTURE

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u go kanji



This is a legit tweet from Nintendo of Europe oh my god

Moot, actual creator of 4chan, is now being called an SJW for censoring #GamerGate threads. Pfffffffaawawawhahahaha.

I have gone from being utterly aghast at the GamerGate stuff to giggling incessantly at it. Aside from the supremely irritating excursions of random nerd celebrities and hyperconservatives into gaming discussions trying to win some converts (Richard Dawkins and Julian Assange have offered vague support, lol), these people are buckling under the weight of their own absurdity. 

angelacarterofmars said:

good thing magazines are obsolete

Bad thing, now I have to wait for people to make ereaders you can roll up and thwack things with, then wait for them to make one about the size of a house. BAD THING.

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angelacarterofmars said: yer a spider, brad

But but but I’m horrified of spiders.

Now I’ll spend the rest of my days looking for a magazine big enough to crush myself with.

sonnetscrewdriver said: Is Persona the thing with that anime version of you in it?


I believe so! You’d have to ask the bradamantium which character, though, as I’ve never played it.

Not just an anime version, but anime versions in Persona 3.

The one that I first got a laugh out of was Keisuke.


For Baby Matt Purposes (or Matt ‘Til Sophomore Year, Minus Glasses), there’s Ken.


And bonus Darkest Timeline Matt-As-Stressed-Out-Health-Teacher-Obssessed-With-Occult, there’s Mr. Edogawa.




I’ve been considering giving Luther a rewatch, if I find I can emotionally handle it. Might just have to sooner than later, now.

It’s really great.  But yes, make sure you’re emotionally prepared.

Very interested to hear a US perspective on this episode, where unarmed police officers try to arrest a hammer-wielding serial killer.

Oooh, you know, that’s interesting and something I’ll see in an entirely new light if I watch Luther again. Which I should, ‘cause I don’t think I properly appreciated it past Idris Elba Flipping Furniture in Anger the first time around.

There was a video passed around on reddit a short while back of a handful of unarmed police in England taking down a man with a machete. There were a handful of ill-deserved laughs at the way they corralled him, and some Benny Hill music wouldn’t have been out of place if not for the threatening situation, but ultimately they arrested the man without injury to either party in what would, I’m 99% certain, have been another case of a police shooting death in America.

The counterpoint seemed to be that the situation easily could’ve gone much worse, which opens up a whole realm of hypothetical questions, but it still said quite a bit about the mentality regarding police over here.