I felt like playing Dragon Age: Origins, but EA wouldn’t recognize that I have all the DLC. After spending a half hour wrestling with the angry bear that is Origin technical issues, I can now play DA:O.

But I don’t feel like it any more.


Revolver Ocelot


Revolver Ocelot

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"The thing is, when an artist makes a painting, or a song, he makes it. The way the world responds to it is secondary. If they respond to it, and say it’s great, then he’s going to say great. If they don’t respond to it, does that take away its greatness? No, because he’s already satisfied in his creation"

— The RZA (source)

"When a woman has scholarly inclinations there is generally something wrong with her sexual nature."

Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil (1886)

Just a friendly reminder that Nietzsche was rampantly sexist, regularly called women who didn’t submit to men “barbarous”, “charmless”, “mediocre”.

If you’re a woman with scholarly inclinations that lead you to adoring Nietzsche, just recall that he would have probably told you his age’s equivalent to “shut up, get back in the kitchen, and make me a sandwich”

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it was incredibly difficult for me to get through ‘beyond good and evil’ for this reason. in the middle of talking about something really interesting, he just fucking decides ‘i haven’t interrupted this with a sexist rant in a while’ and talks about how women can’t do philosophy because of their docile nature or some shit

like he wasn’t even just casually misogynistic like most people in the 1800s. he actively made a point of pushing his misogyny every fucking chapter. what the fuck dude

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In ecce homo he says that women who want equal rights are just infertile women who want to drag real/good women down, and he says that you can cure women by giving them babies.

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And let’s keep in mind that he was not the only worshipped philosopher who thought this way. A good many of your ‘faves’ were misogynistic fuckbags.

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I also seem to remember reading that he intentionally gave himself syphilis as part of his weird Ubermensch thing so yeah, maybe don’t place too much stock in anything the guy said…

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I mean, his philosophy is “sound” as grounds for examination of philosophical questions, but there’s a reason why he’s the go-to philosopher for would-be intellectual assnugget pick-up artists that want to sound like they have any value in their existence.

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I passed a Gracie Fashion Check and gave Blathers the last fossil for the museum’s collection.

Today was a good day in Arcadia.

sonnetscrewdriver asked: Which do you enjoy writing more, narrative or dialogue?

I guess I haven’t thought of it a whole lot, really. I s’pose I like narrative more, because that’s where clever turns of phrase and a lot of the meaning I build through more than interaction seems to look good. If I try slipping that stuff into dialogue, it either feels hokey or contrived, putting words into characters’ mouths for the sake of a profound statement.

But! I usually can tell I’m doing well with a story if I’m really getting into writing the dialogue. Part of my problem as a writer is that my characters aren’t shades of people as much as they’re Things To Whom The Plot Happens. Every now and again I break through that, and they start to glow like tiny people-shaped stars, because they talk in a way that a real, interesting person would talk, and they do it with style because I understand them well enough.


I’ve now played enough Bioshock infinite to know that a third of my problems with it would go away if the protagonist wasn’t male, a third if the protagonist wasn’t white and a third if I wasn’t crap at computer games.

So it’s weird getting to know Daisy Fitzroy, the character this game should obviously be about. I’m struck by relief that she’s here, but also kind of appalled that she is without anyone noticing that this story should really be hers. This game’s such a clash of great world building decisions and terrible storytelling decisions, and Fitzroy-as-protagonist would fix a hell of a lot of them.   

Golly, you just solved all of my worst narrative gripes with one suggestion.

'Course, wait for the ugly surprises as the game goes on that they're not doing what you'd be inclined to think a BioShock game is doing. By then, you’ll probably just end up chucking your copy across the ocean to whack me in the head for not giving a firmer “No, Richard, don’t play it!”



i’m so glad brad is finally a purse owner.

I shouldn’t be laughing so god damn hard, but I am.

It’s not a purse, it’s Prada.



i’m so glad brad is finally a purse owner.

I shouldn’t be laughing so god damn hard, but I am.

I just started seriously playing Persona 3. It’s goshdamned insane.

I mean, as if it’s not enough that I’m part of the “Special Extracurricular Execution Squad” (that’s gonna look hella good on a resume), I just ate noodles with some dweeb from my class and a ghostly voice interrupted dinner to say I could “forge stronger bonds of the Magician arcana.”

Can this be real life? Please? Can getting a couple of beers with my buddies let me forge stronger bonds with mystical creatures?

October 7th. October 7th and I will punch Anders and also be an elf again and definitely punch Anders.

sonnetscrewdriver asked: Do you ever listen to music while writing, and if so, are there any particular artists, albums or even specific songs that you find conducive to creativity?

I have the attention span of an excitable meerkat, so I typically don’t listen to music when working on my Big Serious Short Stories for fear of going “Oh, hey, haven’t heard this one in awhile!” and then stopping writing to sing along.

But when I’m doing my fun genre stuff, I usually have something going. If it’s any of my half-dozen false starts on a postcyberpunk novel, it’s the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack and a few other songs (“Bullets” by Archive too, for the imagery it invokes of the ridiculously cool Cyberpunk trailer). If it’s my fantasy work, I tune into internet radio station Radio Rivendell, which plays a collection of fantasy music from movies and games and never fails to put me in the Right Sort of Mood.


games where you get to pick how your character responds to something by choosing one of a few simplified responses but then your character says the complete opposite of what you thought you were going for


I did this with L.A. Noire, where I thought the “Lie” option meant accusing the person I was interrogating of lying, but in fact it led to me yelling in the face of a young girl whose mother had just been murdered “I KNOW YOU WERE THERE, AND I KNOW THAT YOUR DAD KILLED HER, GODDAMMIT.”

I have never been more taken aback in a video game in my life.

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There’s a Skyrim mod that turns all the horses into…horses with Tommy Wiseau stretched over them. And it replaces horse noises with quotes from The Room.

I think I should go to bed, too much internet for one night.