I snorted in the middle of Starbucks when I saw this .


I snorted in the middle of Starbucks when I saw this .

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Aaaand finished Madoka.

Episode 10 might be the most pain I’ve been in since a guy flipped me on my head and accidentally stomped on my chest way back in HS football.

I’ve just been spacing out between episodes of Madoka watching this crazy non-stop lightning storm from my room with the lights off when my door suddenly burst open and Oh My God, Razputin, if you ever do that again I will make you into a nice pair of gloves.







I’m gonna take this as official permission to put my Halloween decorations out.

(I never put my one “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” fake o’lantern away, though, so technically I never brought the decorations in…)

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Finally starting Madoka. I wonder how this will go.

I’m trying to finish Assassin’s Creed IV, but it seems to have hopelessly broken itself.

I should’ve figured something was up when the next mission marker just didn’t appear. Then I started destroying enemy ships just by sailing past (I am the scourgiest Scourge of the Seven Seas), their crews keep loading a standard deviation away and raining into the sea (or, in one notable case, landing on the sea and dancing away like Jesus after a class on Irish jigs), and my Surly Welsh Pirate Lord keeps stopping mid-combat with his arms spread wide in a “COME AT ME BRO” pose that he only jumps out of when he gets hit (like he has something to prove that all four of his pistols possibly can’t).

It’s arguably a better game now.

Dragone Age: Inquisition got pushed back so now I’m getting that, the new Pokemon remakes, and Persona Q in the same week.

Send help/money.


people who hate aigis are objectively wrong

For about a decade of my life, I’ve been trying to remember a video game I saw in the back of a magazine when I was a wee lil child. I had two things to go on: a girl with blue hair and an eyepatch and a subheader in the magazine article that said “Man on the Run.”

I finally solved the mystery. It’s Wild Arms 2. I did it. I remembered. I can die happy.

Fun fact I’ve learned about myself: I can fake cry on the spot if I just think the words “There will never be another good Banjo-Kazooie game.”

It’s fun watching the continued rise of esports in gaming, solely because I’m pretty sure the overlap of people who play video games and people who say sports are worthless is pretty significant. So watching angry dudes get angrier as something they patently hate gets closer to home is endless fun.

Talking with roommate about being sad over friends leaving. Ended up sad about video game character friends.

My life is a joke.

Bee tee dubs, smattenhove, I’ve got the first three of the Young Wizards series sonnetscrewdriver rec’d, so there’s your next read.

sonnetscrewdriver said: Nintendo FINALLY hires you to be the new Pokémon Professor (in the hit new games Pokémon Bismuth and Pokémon Antimony), but a condition of your employment is that YOU have to create three entirely new starter Pokémon and they have to be based on people you know. WHOM WHAT, AND WHY?

This is too difficult! Like, harder-than-college difficulty!

See, in a world without the Fennekin evolutionary line, the fire-type would be Emma as a vicious Pomeranian that evolves into a badass witch dog. Seeing as that exists…

Emma’s still my fire type starter, an ambiguously reptilian sort of thing that starts out on all fours with a kind of rod in its mouth, one that has a burning ember at the end. As it evolves it stands up, starts holding the rod, and long story short it’s a Sailor Senshi.

My grass-type would be Matt, as I inexplicably associate him with Turtwig. It’d be a weird little mammalian nerd wearing glasses made out of twigs that grow into great big wreaths of awesome foliage as he evolves. He’s got a sort of wooden/papyrus scroll and a bamboo pen (because half the time I ever ask Matt what’s up, he’s doing homework) and uses these for his attacks.

For asking this question, you get the dubious honor of being my water starter. You start out as a sort of blob of prehensile water in a cute little bowl, with a face floating around in there, attacking by spraying yourself, etc. etc. As you evolve, you find new vessels to inhabit until you’re basically a water-powered robot that can transform by using specific moves.

Done!…making up new Pokemon is very hard. I’m going to thump the next person I see mocking the ice cream Pokemon.

I feel like I haven’t talked to any of my tumblrfriends in awhile.

Here’s me talking to you, tumblrfriends!