Matthew gently teases the consumer identity of ‘gamers’ apart in a pleasant and insightful way.

I’m super feeling this perspective on capitalism and games the past couple of days. I don’t know how I never happened down this line of reasoning before, but it’s a whole new look at things for me.

I feel like if anyone wants to do a study on how eagerly the majority co-opts and flips the language of the minority to “defend” themselves, the last few years in video game culture would be a great starting point.

Social justice started, in the internet space, as a sort of shorthand for an expansive intersectionality encompassing all sorts of issues. Thus the term Social Justice Warrior was turned into a word that’s a short-hand attack and easy venue for dismissing people’s opinions, liberally applied by gamers to people they disagree with. It gets thrown at literally anyone who mentions a social issue. Longstanding games journalist Adam Sessler appeared on an honest-to-God list of “SJWs in Gaming” for a single incident. He took issue with a scene of sexualized violence in God of War: Ascension that was chased up with an achievement called “Bros Before Hos,” something he talked about for 30 seconds of a lengthy review, and BAM, just add water and you have an SJW.

In the wake of discussion spreading across the internet about this, the studio behind the game tweaked the achievements name. Suddenly CENSORSHIP! was the hot button word. These SJWs are CENSORING games! They’re infringing on the artistic vision of Bros! So in response, let’s shout down these SJWs, fill the comments with vitriol justifying what they’re talking about to begin with! Start fucking with people via twitter, sign petitions demanding noted SJWs are fired, “disprove” their opinions, anything that’s definitely not at all similar to censorship!

Somewhere along the way, these “SJWs” and the people supporting them pointed out that this is all just subjective. It’s all opinions, which are kind of the lynchpin of a critical culture like games journalism. Bringing this stuff up in a review is a criticism that the critic holds, and valid. Enter OBJECTIVITY! Reviews should be objective! Not really about graphics or gameplay content, because there’s no objective metric for mechanics. The reviewer can tell us what they think, but don’t bring opinions on social issues into it. That stuff’s so biased and irrelevant.

It’s ridiculous. A significant segment of gamers (“gamers” as in those engaged in the culture, at least) exaggerated the hell out of what some critics brought up, and then they turned it all around and became the mirror image of the censorship-hungry, hateful, opinionated SJW they’d conjured up. And frankly, it’s sickening to see them take this rhetoric and twist it all the way around, and apply it all on top of the typical gamer bro bullshit everyone knows and loves. 

kingofthebunnypicnic tagged me in a Thing, so here are Ten Things About Me(me)

1. I am 6’5” tall. Which most people don’t notice, because I slouch something fierce to avoid blotting out the sun and/or I am just a presence on the internet without a distinct height.

2. I don’t know how to drive a car, but I love driving games. If cars had PS2 controllers instead of steering wheels, I’d be hella good at driving.

3. I also do not know how to fly a plane, but love arcade flight games. I will forever hold that the Ace Combat series tells some of the most interesting stories in games, but mostly I’m just there because flying is cool.

4. I wrote my first novel in two spiral notebooks during class my eighth grade year. It has since been lost to time, but it opens with the line “Derick woke up on his birthday. But it wasn’t just any birthday, it was his thirteenth birthday.” The novel was basically a ripoff of .hack, but Sword Art Online ripped my novel off whether they knew it or not, so full circle.

5. I never learned how to swim, by virtue of having been head-and-shoulders above the water the first time I got in a pool as a kid. I could probably flail around well enough to prolong my life until someone could haul me out of the water, but I’m afraid of deep water anyhow so I’ll not test that.

6. I’ve got a skin condition called vitiligo where my skin’s depigmented in a couple of places, noticeable around my elbows and knuckles. There’s also a faint circle of it around my left eye, so I’ve got kind of a dog named Spot thing going.

7. I’ve been a compulsive nail-biter for so long that my nails don’t even get that ragged bitten look, they just kind of shear cleanly off.

8. At the age of 6, I declared that my ambition in life was to be an artist by day, WWE wrestler by night. Stone Cold Steve Austin was my idol.

9. I once competed in the National Scholastic Chess Championships. I won three games, lost three games. I don’t tell anybody that the three I won were against 10 year old would-be prodigies.

10. I always used to think my favorite food was steak, but it turns out I just really liked A1 steak sauce. I still love steak, but also too many other foods to pick any as my favorite. Unless A1 steak sauce counts as a food.

There you go, ten astounding facts about the one and only Brad A. Mantium. I won’t tag anyone ‘cause everyone oughta share their facts! ‘Specially if they’re having a slow Friday like me…

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british people that call their mum ‘mom’


heeey isn’t that a midlands thing though

It sure is!

See also ‘Mam’.

I used to call my mom mum when I was about nine and hoping I could fool Hogwarts into thinking I was British enough to accept me.

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There’s is no horror as acute as a loved one getting you a gift, and you open the box to find something you absolutely do not recognize or understand, and you have to glibly go “Oh, uh, what is this?”

Running dangerously low on cash, so I gotta go transform my change into dollar bills. All my change is in an honest-to-Glob Animal Crossing bell bag.

On the one hand, I am a totally cool nerd. On the other hand, I feel like I’m going to pay off that fucker Nook.

I look forward to the day I’m wearing my I’M A DAVID BROTHERS GUY t-shirt and someone gives me a high five.

It’s coming, I can feel it.

Also Relevant: When someone says “Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really get ____” where _____ is a critical response or theory stuff or even any bit of media…

It’s a trap! You respond, and they’ll suddenly be debating you because they got it all along!

Uuuuugh, the only apparent byproduct of video games being pushed to be treated as art is we now get the “What are games?” question in the same pseudo-intellectual tone as “What is art?”

Get that first-day-of-freshman-year-fine-arts shit outta here, man.

My bff is moving away in a handful of hours. My last semester of undergrad starts in five days. I’ve been following a lot of news about different things lately and it’s stressing me out.

Also, I finished the last of my bucket of ice cream earlier, and I’m all out of Kolchak to watch.

So I guess it’s just down to me and some My Chemical Romance to feel better.

I wonder if there’ll ever be a point in my life where I can cook some meat without fearing I’m inadvertently going to give myself salmonella or something.



Jim Dingilian proves that a creative and skillful artist can create works of art with just about anything. By coating the interior of empty glass bottles with black smoke and then carefully brushing it away with tools mounted on dowels, he creates detailed and beautiful but dark works of smoke art that are dripping with a sense of suburban decay (via Bored Panda).

are you shitting me

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Maybe this is a sign.
Maybe I should open that sandwich website, and really chase the dream.


Maybe this is a sign.

Maybe I should open that sandwich website, and really chase the dream.



Howl’s Moving Castle Google Doodle today,  in honor of what would have been Diana Wynne Jones' 80th birthday.

Happy 80th Birthday Diana Wynne Jones!



Howl’s Moving Castle Google Doodle today,  in honor of what would have been Diana Wynne Jones' 80th birthday.

Happy 80th Birthday Diana Wynne Jones!

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