Young Justice’s version of Riddler is possibly my favorite version of Riddler.

I love that he’s a slightly gap-toothed, mildly lisping stickman with all sorts of insecurities. His little riddle in S1E25 that he keeps hollering at the team to solve goes to show just how clever he thinks he is, and how he likes other people catching up on the joke. And he never exhibits even a little bit of humility. Not. Ever. I think that’s where he’s the perfect mental foil for Batman. And really just an interesting “super” villain at all.

(I’d also like to take this post about YJ as an opportunity that Green Arrow should start his own archery-based super group and call it “The Quiver.” Bonus points if its him, Red Arrow, and a few other folks to fill out a ROY G. BIV of colors and they call it “The Rainbow Quiver.”)